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What exactly does a wedding planner do?

Wedding planners oversee the logistical elements of hosting a wedding, and break up the planning into phases, so it’s manageable and less overwhelming for the bride and groom. Here at Regal Soiree, we get to know each client personally, do a ton of research, suggest vendors, meet with those vendors (either with or without the client), read contracts carefully, handle negotiations and make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the wedding.

We offer three types of packages: Full Service planning, Partial planning and Day-of Coordination planning.

Complete planning is the whole she-bang, from start to finish. A client usually approaches us between 12–18 months before the wedding, typically a couple of weeks after getting engaged. We then do everything from booking the date and venue to overseeing all of the logistics on the wedding day.

Partial planning is for the couple whose wedding is generally six to eight months away or less. Maybe they’ve found their venue, photographer and one or two other vendors—but they need help finding the remaining vendors, putting all of the pieces together, keeping everything organized and managing the event on the actual day.

Day-of Coordination planning, unlike Full Service or Partial Planning, is for the brides and grooms whom want to do most of the planning themselves, however, when the wedding day arrives, they want a professional to execute the work. Many brides tend to leave this task on a friend or family member, which causes them to not be able to enjoy the day due to the stress and logistics behind a successful execution. The professionals at Regal Soiree are here to assist, so that all parties can enjoy a stress-free, joyous day.

What are some advantages to working with a wedding planner?

A planner can save you time, energy, stress—and even money. The fee that a planner charges can be expensive, but the advice that you get can help you save.

For example, many couples are not aware of discounts and negotiations that are at our disposal. Switching the day of your event, different rooms within your venue for your event, or even cutting a few people from the guest list can save them thousands, while at the same time covering the costs for an event planner.

When you hire a planner, the need to spend countless hours searching Google looking for potential vendors and stressing yourself goes away. Instead, we handle that legwork. It’s difficult to plan a dinner party for 10 people, let alone an event for over 100.

The venue is offering a wedding consultant.

What is the difference between their consultant and hiring an actual Wedding Planner?

On-site venue consultants do not actually assist you in the planning of your wedding, outside of making sure the reception site is staffed, food and beverage is provided and the décor you provide is set up. And even then, depending on the scope of your décor, you may have to provide the venue with assistance in helping them set it up. The venue also offers you a list of “preferred vendors” but the truth is most of these vendors pay to be placed on their list, are not the caliber of vendors you need on your special day, or they are not the perfect vendor for you and your style. Brides and grooms are often misled by the terminology the venues use. The reality is, the on-site “wedding consultant or coordinator” should be called the “venue event manager,” as that is their true role. Therefore, their focus is going to be on their staff, the kitchen, the food presentation, the stock, the set-up, the break down and those types of details. They are not going to meet with your vendors with you to ensure you ask all the right questions; they will not be calling your vendors to make sure they are paid and confirmed; they will not be doing the running for you; they will not be at your home or Bridal Suite making sure you have plenty to eat and drink, distributing flowers, sewing something that has gone wrong with the dresses, etc. They will not be at your Rehearsal to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly, but most importantly, they will not have developed a personal relationship with you like we will. The trust that is built during the planning process with us carries over into a relaxed, enjoyable wedding day. After everything is over, you will be so glad you hired the experienced professionals at Regal Soiree to help you every step of the way.


What’s the number one thing that clients need to figure out before they meet with a wedding planner?

A realistic budget; so a planner can figure out what’s possible and what’s not. The client needs to be practical and realistic. If she wants to have a Southern wedding for 150 people, and she has a $10,000 budget, it’s not going to stretch very far. A bride can’t come to us with that budget and then tell me that she wants an over-the-top event. Similarly, if a bride is planning a wedding in, say, three months, she has to be flexible about which vendors will be available on short notice.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely. If needed, we can provide you with a proof of insurance during our consultation.

Do you take on more than one wedding in a day?

We believe in giving our clients the most personable experience for their day. Rest assured, your day is your day.

We are interested.

What is the next step?

We want to meet you! Call us to schedule your Acquaintance Consultation so that we can get to know you, your desires, and your vision. During this consultation, together we will determine which services fit your needs.

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